Genre: Science Fiction
Length: Novel
Publisher: Watledge Books
ISBN: 9781495200731
A world without privacy is a world without crime. Detective Oliver Braddon must solve an impossible case where social media is everything.
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A world without privacy is a world without crime.

In the near-future, no-one’s thoughts are their own and privacy is a thing of the past. Everyone shares their lives in the global social media network and so pre-meditated crime is impossible.

So when Detective Oliver Braddon finds a dead body, the victim of a planned murder, he is plunged into a dangerous investigation, and forced to use unorthodox means, as he tracks down a murderer, who can kill without thinking.

“…it gripped me from the first page with both its narrative flow – hitting the ground running – and its audacious concept. Right from the get go I found myself laughing and saying aloud ‘Oh my God, what a fantastic concept!’”

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