A New Beginning

I finally gave up trying to code the html for my website and I’ve gone 21st century with WordPress.

But it does irritate.  I have a degree in software engineering and so I feel I ought to be able to do this my way!  It also feeds into my luddite tendencies.  I have managed two near-future SF books out of this frustration, so I shouldn’t complain, but I do complain, I want to complain, I want to moan and rant and object.

I write steampunk too: is that a desire for a simpler past too?

Not really.

We went through a golden age when computers did what we wanted them to do.  As technology moves forward, so it becomes not the way we want it.  The move from 32-bit to 64-bit marked the end of an easy sound editor, the best interface of Adobe Premiere and a few others.

This machine is faster, far faster than anything I’ve had before, but it is so slow, so dreadfully slow due to all the nonsense that Microsoft seems to insist upon and everything that modern life requires to be installed.  I used to bring up the Task Manager and know what all the processes were that were running on the machine.  Now, no chance, no idea what they all do and, more than that, no idea what they all can be doing.  How is Windows 8 that much different in functionality to Windows 5.1?  It’s point-and-click, it runs programs, it plays video, has a word processor, etc, etc.

Still, never mind, we must move on.  Windows 10 beckons.  The Last Operating System from Microsoft, so with any luck all this endless change will stop and we’ll just be able to get on with what we want to do.  Hmmm, chance would be a fine thing.


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