I’ve been co-writing a book on Indie Publishing.  As part of this, I’ve produced a paperback book template and thought I’d use it myself for the next novel as a way of testing it.  It’s also a good opportunity to revisit every procedure and hone it to perfection (or at least betterness… which isn’t a word, so ‘perfection’ will have to do).

The problem is that I started writing on a manual typewriter.  It cost me £35 – a lot of money back when I was student – from Woolworths.  I used to bash away into the early hours driving my flatmates up the wall no doubt.  You had to press ‘tab’ to indent.  With modern word processors, it’s a key press you don’t need to do – just set the paragraph first line indent to 0.5” or whatever.  This is the new ‘best practice’.

But my fingers are programmed to go ‘…blah, blah-blah [return][tab][shift]Blah, blah…’.

I’ve been using a Logitech EX110 keyboard for years or rather I’ve been using two Logitech EX110 keyboards, one at home and one at the day job.  Their feet gradually cracked and subsequent repairs made them mostly blobs of superglue, but the keyboards themselves carried on doing sterling work… until one didn’t, and you just can’t get replacements any more.  There were some on ebay, but they mention cracked feet and dodgy mechanics, so that was a ‘no’ then.

I like their arrangement of Home, End, Page Up, etc keys, so, after some research, I invested in a Logitech K350, a curved weirdness and, as soon as I was confident my fingers would like it, I bought another.  They’re an expensive necessity claimable off tax.

My fingers are finally getting back up to speed, flying about, turNING THE WRETCHED CAPS LOCK ON (why is that key in such a stupid place?) and thwacking the tab key… or not.

Some documents require a tab, others don’t, which isn’t a good recipe, so today I decided I was going to detabulate.  I write a diary and I just deleted 2,737 tabs from it before reformatting the paragraphs to look exactly the same.

       So, no more – oh, rats!


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