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I’ve just been interrogated on Interview Foxseat, a blog site:  by Mercedes Fox.

I’ve done a few of these now and they are fun. The questions arrive and then I try to be spontaneous, witty, informative, controversial and, more often than not, somewhat bemusing. I managed to turn a question into a piece about gender in fiction – tee, hee. It’s a battle I have to fight, because I’ve a series with three sisters, who can hardly be expected to stay at home doing embroidery and crochet when there’s an adventure to be had, and why not female protagonists?

It’s a good format as it’s much better to have a conversation than to simply whiffle on about yourself. Marketing just seems as un-British as using the expression ‘un-British’. It’s the big challenge for authors on the old side of the pond: how to blow your own trumpet without coming across as an ego maniac? Interviews put the onus of the brass section onto the interviewer. So, thank you Mercedes.

But are people interested in what authors do? It’s not exactly a spectator sport.
Will Self wrote a novel as part of an art installation once, but it hardly made him eligible for sport personality of the year. What is writing a novel, except sitting in front of a computer until you’ve pressed the keys half a million times? In chess, at least they occasionally move something.


Two keyboards for twice the writing…

Mind you, who’d have thought back in the days of Pong and Snake that video games would become a multi-million dollar sport. There’s a saying that people don’t understand that when a writer is staring out of the window, they are working. Imagine that with exciting music and over-enthusiastic commentary. There must be more than one comedy sketch using this idea.
It’s what I do, though, so it’s good to talk about it. The exciting stuff goes on in my head and if I do it right, it then goes on inside the reader’s head. It’s telepathy with a fair amount of computer hardware and even paper in the brain-to-brain transmission of memes.

We’re travel agents for mini-breaks from reality.


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