Blast and Gasp

I must thank Steven C. Davis and LM Cooke for allowing me on their radio show and for all their plugs of the Derring-Do Club and New Street Authors. It’s on (I’m listening to it now as I type) Blast 1386 and GASP is Gothic, Alternative, Steampunk and Progressive. It’s If it turns up on download or Mixcloud, I must post a link. Strange to hear myself whiffling on about things, I’d quite forgotten what I’d said when it was recorded. Now the Englishman in me has to add some put down: it did almost sound like I knew what I was talking about at times.

There seems to be a renaissance in audio, podcasts and so forth. It makes you wonder what everyone is listening to on their earphones. It might not be mindless pop, but could be explanations of quantum mechanics, 18th century bread making, yak breeding in Tibet, or, gosh, someone whiffling on about science fiction.


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