Work in Progress

I hate spoilers.  The butler did it.  I’d rather books were in plain brown envelopes with no hint of what they are, so that the reader can enjoy the surprise.  At the Edinburgh Fringe, I used to see shows without knowing anything but the title.  (I tried avoiding the title, but you have to say what it is to buy a ticket.)

But, apparently I should have a ‘work-in-progress’ page, but how can you do that without giving things away?

Plus Sign

I’ve started the third in the Thinkersphere series.  Inspector Braddon has a number of mass suicides to explain.


Just finished this one too and it’s being beta-read.  It’s a tale of revenge and honour set in Ancient Japan.

The Dark Bird Trilogy

I’ve a first draft of a fantasy trilogy that needs a rewrite.

And after that, it’ll be another Derring-Do Club.

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