Work in Progress

I hate spoilers.  The butler did it.  I’d rather books were in plain brown envelopes with no hint of what they are, so that the reader can enjoy the surprise.  At the Edinburgh Fringe, I used to see shows without knowing anything but the title.  (I tried avoiding the title, but you have to say it to buy a ticket.)

Apparently I should have a ‘work-in-progress’ page, but how can you do that without giving things away?

Crossing the Bridge

This political thriller, a satire, is about a pub crawl that gets out of hand.  It’s very, very nearly finished.  I just need the political situation in the UK and the world to stop changing so rapidly!


A sequel to #tag is at the beta-reading stage.

The Derring-Do Club and Death on the Suez

I’m about half way through the first draft.


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