Crossing the Bridge

A bloke-lit tale of political intrigue and beer

Crossing the Bridge (front cover)Guy Wilson lives in the past.

Every year, he and his friends re-enact rebellion.

Every year, they celebrate the Jacobite’s retreat.

Every year, they have a few drinks and go home…

…except this year, they go too far.

An unstoppable boozing session meets an unbreakable wall of riot police in this satirical thriller. Guy struggles against corrupt politicians, murderous security forces and his own girlfriend in a desperate bid to stop a modern uprising.

And it’s all his fault.

Will anyone survive to last orders?

“Witty, warm and well-written, “Crossing The Bridge” was so enjoyable that I didn’t want to finish it.”


“My sort of book. Couldn’t put it down. Comedy, tension and an uncanny resemblance to the moral fibre of some of our elected representatives.”


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