The Empire of the Dead

A ripping yarn of cliff–hangers, desperate chases, romance and deadly danger.
Derring-Do EofD (Front Cover)

Earnestine, Georgina and Charlotte are trapped in the Eden College for Young Ladies suffering deportment, etiquette and Latin. So, when the British Empire is threatened by an army of zombies, the Deering–Dolittle sisters are eager to save the day. Unfortunately, they are under strict instructions not to have any adventures…

…but when did that ever stop them?

“Think ‘Indiana Jones pace’. It’s fast and dangerous and does not involve embroidery!”


“A brilliant fast paced steampunk adventure, trains zombies and zeppelins, what more could you want?”


Putting their best foot forward,
without showing an ankle, since 1896

The first novel in the adventure series is available at and at as an ebook and paperback.