Think Black Mirror with a Scandi–crime feel

Hashtag (Front Cover)-02In this alarming vision of the future, even your most spontaneous thoughts are shared on global social media. With privacy consigned to history, pre–mediated crime is dead and buried.

When Detective Oliver Braddon stumbles upon an unknown corpse, he’s plunged into an investigation to track down a murderer who can kill without thinking.

A gritty, dystopian neo–noir that poses uncomfortable questions about our obsession with social media and presents a mind–bending picture of what life might be like when your very thoughts are no longer your own.


“Superb futuristic scenario – good story and touches of dark humour.”


“Oh my God what a fantastic concept!”


“…and suddenly you need to tell everyone else to go away and let you finish this book!”


Book One of the Thinkersphere series is available from Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk as an ebook and paperback.