Death on the Suez

An Arabian tale of murder, Egyptian gods, mummies, temple raiding and flying carpets!

Nine suspects trapped on the SS Karnak, but who is the killer?

As the Deering-Dolittle sisters, Earnestine, Georgina and Charlotte investigate, mummies rise from the dead, ancient gods send messages and plots turn like cogs.

Their journey is far from straight even on the Suez canal.

“Well-written and witty, this is a gloriously over the top pastiche of Agatha Christie’s “Death on the Nile” – and much, much more.”


Warning. You will not put this book down. Action straight away and where will it go from there. Everywhere. So many scenarios going on at once. This is a quirky funny enjoyable Victorian tale and the last 300 pages fly by.


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without showing an ankle, since 1896

The fourth novel in the adventure series is available at and at as an ebook and paperback.