Plus Sign

The dark sequel to Hashtag and Atcode

Fourteen teenagers dead!

San Francisco, Santa Monica, St Petersburg… and now another mass suicide, here, in Newtown.

Or is it murder?

The case drops into Inspector Oliver Braddon’s inbox.  The world demands answers.  With everyone’s thoughts shared, liked and monitored, why haven’t the police solved the case in the usual 20 seconds?

As the pressure builds, Braddon’s suspicions focus on a disturbing cult, the Church of the Transcendent Cloud, and tech-billionaire, Jacob Lamb, the creator of the Thinkersphere app, After Life – except that he’s dead.

With more deaths due, Braddon needs to act… and soon.

Plus Sign is a gritty, dystopian neo-noir that questions our obsession with religion and exposes a mind-bending picture of what life might be like when your very thoughts are no longer your own.

“…crackles with humour and tension as the reader is drawn into a world dominated by the all-embracing Thinkersphere and its tantalising app offering the promise of an After Life. Plus Sign is intriguing and alarming in equal measure […] Thoroughly recommend.”


Book Three of the Thinkersphere series is available at and as an ebook and a paperback.