Sisterhood of the Death-Goddess

A ripping yarn set in the British Raj with handsome officers, vile thuggees, diabolical plans, a terrifying death-goddess and a fate worse than death!

Derring-Do SotDG (Front Cover)

It’s soon to be the happiest day of Miss Deering-Dolittle’s life, but abandonment, betrayal and an old foe stand to ruin everything – and destroy the British Empire.
All roads lead to the temple of Kali and a desperate last stand against impossible odds.
Can our plucky young heroines, Earnestine, Georgina and Charlotte save the day?

“Charmed meets Indiana Jones. The Derring-Do Club series is wonderful fun. Filled with adventure, atmospheric descriptions and sharp wit, this is an ideal read…”


The fifth novel in the adventure series is available at and at as an ebook and paperback.