Dawn and Dave of the Dead

It’s almost the End of the World, but with Pimm’s on the patio, video games and working in his pants – Dave’s having a great apocalypse.

Until the return-to-work order shatters his peace.

Dawn holds her own – just – as the last woman alive (West Midlands Emergency Area) in a secret bunker.

Until a surprise visit by the Minister of Resilience, Calmness and Fortitude.

Dave needs more than air pods and sharp elbows to endure his heroic journey to the office as he battles the worst commuters known to man – hordes of shambling zombies.

And Dawn discovers that saving the world is part of her job description.

Will Dave make it to the office on time for the team meeting?

Will Dawn ever get sufficient supplies of toilet paper?

Will the dating-app matched lovers ever cross paths?

Take a riotous, satirical trip through undead-infested Birmingham with this hilarious zombie romantic comedy.

And remember everyone – run, run very fast, save lives…

Praise for Dawn and Dave of the Dead:–

“I genuinely laughed through parts of this book because of how relatable the whole situation was.”


“Part rip-roaring zombie comedy, part political satire, all hilarious. The Dawn and Dave of the Dead universe feels horribly familiar to any office worker who worked through the pandemic. Get it, enjoy it and remember everyone… Hands, Face, BRAINS!”


“This Birmingham based apocalypse is infected with pandemic related policies, HR protocols and general despair at Government ineptitude and spits out a stream of witty one-liners as brain-hungry zombies roam the streets. Great reading fun.”


“David Wake is in possession of a rare gift: combining barbed sideswipes at the socio-political mores of the day with sharp humour.”


This comic novel is available at Amazon.com and at Amazon.co.uk as an ebook and paperback.