Real People

I’ve been to a real, actual in-person convention with non-virtual avatar-less human beings.  ArmadaCon (Hello, to the new sign-ups) is held in November, often clashing with Novacon, but sometimes doesn’t.  This year’s didn’t, opening up the possibility of going to both.

We took a lateral flow test before going – phew – and then drove down to Plymouth.

The con was the usual round of silliness, sensibleness and sundries.  I won the Just A Minute by 29 to 28 and other scores beating Dave and Dave and Dave.  I interviewed one of the guests of honour and formed a third of a writers’ panel on publishing with guests Dave Turner and Chrissey Harrison (see above).  On the Sunday, they gave me my own slot for a talk on computers in science fiction, which was a mere excuse to prattle on about computer keyboards.  Regular readers will groan at this, but it was to a new crowd.

Conventions are amazing.  Where else can you touch the same parachute fabric as was used on missions to Mars and Titan?

But it’s all about meeting fans and friends – we all have similar interests – and it’s a chance to be around wonderful, inspiring people.  And it did its trick.  I came home with inspiration, ideas and incentive.

So, fired up by this renewal, I considered Novacon, wondering if I could manage a late booking.  However, I’d also bought back from ArmadaCon a raging cold.  I took a lateral flow test – phew, again, but also bleurgh.  I mean, who wants to be around smelly, infectious humans?  Well, me, but… I could do without viruses.

Take care.